Working papers

Bank local specialization.Banque de France WP No. 865, February 2022. With A. Duquerroy, C. Mazet-Sonilhac and D. Paravisini. Submitted.

Good connections: bank specialization and the tariff elasticity of exports. Banque de France WP No. 814, May 2021. Also: CEPR Discussion paper 15890, March 2021. With Antoine Berthou and Thierry Mayer. Revised and resubmitted at the Journal of International Economics.

Showing off cleaner hands: mandatory climate-related disclosure by financial institutions and the financing of fossil energy. Revised version: August 2022. Earlier version: Banque de France Working Paper No. 800, January 2021. With Benoit Nguyen. Under revision. Press coverage: RSE Data news, Responsible investor, The Economist

Set-up costs and the financing of young firms. Banque de France Working Paper No. 792, December 2020. Previous version: CEPR Discussion paper 14512, March 2020. With François Derrien and Guillaume Vuillemey. Under revision. Policy brief: SUERF policy brief 93, May 2021

Work in progress

Some don’t like it hot: bank depositors and NGO campaigns against “brown” banks. With Clément Mazet-Sonilhac.

Greening banks: shareholders vs stakeholders. With Michele Fioretti and Clément Mazet-Sonilhac.

Older unpublished working papers

Fiscal sustainability, default risk and euro area sovereign bond spreads. Banque de France Working Paper No. 350, July 2012, with V. Borgy, T. Laubach and J.-P.Renne.

Does uncertainty make a time-varying natural rate of interest irrelevant for the conduct of monetary policy? October 2007, with J.-P. Renne.

Règle de Taylor et politique monétaire dans la zone euro. Banque de France Working Paper, September 2004, with J.-P. Renne.